best friend. <3 i know you’re sleeping right now, but i hope that when you awaken tomorrow and venture through the many tumblr posts on your dashboard that you happen to see this one. i know i don’t say it enough, or show it enough, and i am sorry for that. but i really do indeed love you dearly, and appreciate the things you do for me. you are the most trustworthy person in my life, besides my family (LOL) you can always depend on family! but honestly, i am SO INCREDIBLY LUCKY to have a friend like you. you come through on everything, you say all the right things at the right times when i’m feeling down, you tell me the truth straight up, you care for me so dearly, you make me the happiest person in the world. i love how we can just look at each other and laugh without a word. it may because we think we both just saw the most hideous thing in the world and thats the only way we know how to deal with it so near, but thats okay. because for that moment, or five minutes of laughter, i feel this joy that i cannot feel with anyone else. you are my best friend and i appreciate having you in my life and hope that we can be best friends forever <3

i know i kinda already did something like this for your birthday, but you probably have my huge ass card under the bed, sooooo… LOL love you <3